Coral Springs Commissioner Tom Powers and candidate for Mayor Tom Power and Laurette Homan  a candidate for Seat Five on the Coral Springs Commission enjoy a wine and food tasting at the  Fresh Market. It was  a fundraiser for the Coral Springs Museum of Art. Both Powers and Homan believe the planned Municipal Complex which includes a parking lot will be good for Corals Springs. Powers said the planned downtown development will be a $200 million project that will include a retail section, a movie theater and a 120 room hotel. The older Financial Center may be demolished to make way for the new downtown development.


People came together to enjoy a wine and food tasting at the Fresh Market in Coral Springs. It was a fundraiser for the Coral Springs Museum of Art. There was plenty of gourmet food and some high quality wine to be tasted.


Joy Carter is running for Seat Five on the Coral Springs Commission. She believes the City Government needs to be more fiscally responsible and that the planned Municipal Complex is too expensive. She believes strongly that the  City needs a new municipal complex but that the city’s residents should have more of a say in how the complex would be developed. She believes the City should finance the Complex with a general obligation bond. Carter also believes the Complex should be located near police headquarters away from them more valuable real estate at the intersection of Sample Road and University Drive.


Girl’s Lacrosse is a popular sport at J.P. Taravella High School. Pictured here are lacrosse players getting ready for the upcoming season.


The J.P. Taravella Cross Country team has faced some challenges this season. But the team is making progress. Michele Normil, a sophomore is doing well. Kaylon Schmidt, a junior was doing well but suffered an injury. For the girls, Jasmine deVertuiel is performing well.

Robert Morris of Pompano Beach. has been identified as the gunman in the shooting of Omar Khan of Coral Springs. Roderick Dalton was the driver of the  vehicle when the two  men left the scene.  Khan was shot multiple  times at the  Lakeview Shopping Center. He drove to his Coral Springs home and called police. He was flown to Broward Health North where he was pronounced. Followup investigations are now being conducted. Robert Morris may have been trying to collect a debt.

Coral Springs Police have arrested and charged Robert Morris with the murder of Omar Khan at 1470 Coral Ridge Drive on October 20. He was also charged with possession of a firearm with the serial number removed. Morris is 23 years old.

Coral Springs Police arrested and charged Roderick Dalton with principle to murder of Omar Khan at 1470 Coral Ridge Drive on October 20.

Khan was shot during a meeting with the two men and drove away in his car. He made contact with Coral Springs Police while driving to his home. He was taken to Broward Health North where he died following surgery in an effort to save his life.


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