douglasboysxBoth the Boys and Girls Cross Country Teams won the Coral Springs Championships at Tradewinds Park.


Boys Team Scores

Douglas 22, Coral Glades 61, Coral Springs 72, Monarch 115, Coconut Creek 127, Taravella 128, Coral Springs Charter 180, Coral Springs Christian Inc.

Girls Team Scores

Douglas 17, Coral Springs 59, Monarch 77, Coral Glades 99, Coral Springs Charter 125, Coconut Creek 145, Taravella Inc, Coral Springs Christian Inc.

IMG_2750Laurette Homan is running for Coral Springs Commission Seat Five. “I want to keep the City moving forward,” she said.

Homan believes the City is going in the right direction and she is especially pleased that Coral Springs will soon be getting a new municipal complex. She believes this will encourage business development of the City.

IMG_2749Commissioner Tom Powers is running for Mayor of Coral Springs. “I want to keep the City moving forward. I want to deliver new energy to Downtown Coral Springs. I want to bring more jobs to Coral Springs,” said Powers.

He is pleased with the progress of the planned municipal center and believes that will encourage more businesses to come to the downtown area.

The City’s annual Teen Political Forum won the national City-County Communications & Marketing Association’s (3CMA) Savvy Award (First Place) in the Special Event – Recurring Event category The Forum is held annually and is planned by Vice Mayor Larry Vignola, staff and a committee of student volunteers. The event was developed by Ray Gould. The open mic style forum allows students to address state and local elected officials and ask questions that are important to them. Judges loved the graphics used throughout the promotional phase of the event and at the event itself, calling it “eye-catching and consistent — with stellar marketing”. They described it as an absolutely amazing event to get teens involved in local government. Judges also agreed that there was terrific use of color, texture and imaging to really engage youth, as well as good use of social media tools. “Even being considered for this prestigious national award shows how much work goes into this great event,” Vice Mayor Larry Vignola said. “This year we made a lot of improvements to the event and it really showed.”

Listen up and tune in! Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) announces the launch of a new podcast series featuring Superintendent Robert W. Runcie.

“We are excited to offer this communication tool as an opportunity for our stakeholders to stay informed,” said Chief Public Information Officer Tracy Clark. “The podcast series is just one way we can share information and provide knowledge to our community.”

In the first podcast installment, Superintendent Runcie talks about the upcoming General Obligation Bond Referendum and SMART Capital Program Needs Assessment Reports.


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