The City of Coral Springs has big plans for the southwest corner of its downtown area that include a hotel, a section for retail and restaurants, a luxury theater and a residential and hotel operation. The project is being developed by Amera Corporation. According to George Rahael, the owner of Amera, the goal is to build a seven story building that will include retail, restaurants and a museum on the first floor. There will be a hotel on the top floor. The building will be on Coral Springs property near the planned municipal complex. Also, two single story buildings will be built for retail and restaurant operations on Coral Springs property.


Former Mayor Scott Brooke, his wife Brenda and a friend Janie Powers enjoyed a wine and food tasting event at the Fresh Market. The event raised money for the Coral Springs Museum of Art.


Former Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold and his wife Janet Gold enjoyed a wind and food tasting event that raised money for the Coral Springs Art Museum. People who came were treated to a wide variety of wines and gourmet foods. There was something for every appetite and people could socialize and make new friends.

The red light camera program in Coral Springs is facing new scrutiny.

 The Fourth District Court of Appeal (DCA) ruled that under Florida law, a private contractor could not issue a traffic citation to a motorist in Hollwyod which Hollywood which has a contract American Traffic Solutions to run its red light camera program. The case involving Hollywood was filed Eric Arem.

This ruling doesn’t just impact Hollywood, it impacts all of the cities in Florida including Coral Springs that contract with American Traffic Solutions for red light traffic cameras.  The Ruling was just recently issued, so the Commission will be meeting to determine if it will ask the 4th DCA to re-hear the case again or if the City will petition the Florida Supreme Court.


Governor Rick Scott celebrated the Florida Prepaid College Board’s announcement today about record-setting plan sales. Total prepaid plan sales for the first week of open enrollment were up 208% over last year, with more than 6,000 plans purchased by Florida families. The surge in sales is credited to lower plan prices that were made possible because of House Bill 851, which passed during the 2014 Legislative Session and was signed by Governor Scott.

 Governor Scott said, “Earlier this year, we reversed the previous administration’s tuition hikes, which allowed the Florida Prepaid College Board to reduce the cost of their plans for all Floridians. Lowering the cost of tuition helps parents save for their child’s future, and the Florida Prepaid’s announcement today shows that thousands of Florida families have benefitted from our work to make college affordable. Every Florida child should have the opportunity to earn a college degree at an affordable price so that they can live their dreams in our state.”


According to Quinnipac University, Governor Rick Scott has 42 percent of the vote and is leading among male voters and Charlie Crist has 42 percent of the vote and is leading among women voters.

The City of Coral Springs is presently seeking applicants to serve on the Public Art Advisory Committee.   The Public Art Advisory Committee is responsible for the selection of artwork, artists, and appropriate locations for the display of public art within the City of Coral Springs’ jurisdictional boundaries.    The Committee consists of five (5) members serving a three-year term, plus an additional two (2) alternates and one (1) non-voting high school student each serving a one-year term, all appointed by the City Commission. The City is currently seeking applicants to fill the following five seats for terms beginning on November 30, 2014:    One (1) individual from any of the following disciplines: landscape architecture, urban planning, engineering or a related design discipline; Two (2) alternate members to the Committee; One (1) high school student; and One (1) private citizen from the business community.   The Public Art Advisory Committee generally meets on the third Monday of each month, at 4 p.m., in the Community Development Conference Room at The Walk at University Dr. It is anticipated that appointments will be made at the City Commission meeting on November, 25.             All City of Coral Springs Advisory Committee members serve without compensation.


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