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Robert Morris of Pompano Beach. has been identified as the gunman in the shooting of Omar Khan of Coral Springs. Roderick Dalton was the driver of the  vehicle when the two  men left the scene.  Khan was shot multiple  times at the  Lakeview Shopping Center. He drove to his Coral Springs home and called police. He was flown to Broward Health North where he was pronounced. Followup investigations are now being conducted. Robert Morris may have been trying to collect a debt.

Coral Springs Police have arrested and charged Robert Morris with the murder of Omar Khan at 1470 Coral Ridge Drive on October 20. He was also charged with possession of a firearm with the serial number removed. Morris is 23 years old.

Coral Springs Police arrested and charged Roderick Dalton with principle to murder of Omar Khan at 1470 Coral Ridge Drive on October 20.

Khan was shot during a meeting with the two men and drove away in his car. He made contact with Coral Springs Police while driving to his home. He was taken to Broward Health North where he died following surgery in an effort to save his life.


To survive breast cancer is an ordeal. It may involve a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

The recovery process can also be very difficult. Lisa Callahan is starting an exercise program for women who have survived breast cancer at Broward Health North on Monday mornings and Monday evenings.

“We work on resistance, stretching, aerobics, balance and coordination,” said Lisa Callahan, who is running the program.

For many women, the program encourages self-confidence. After a mastectomy, some women are uncomfortable moving and Callahan works to encourage women to move with confidence.

“We throw balls to each other and work on weights. We do air boxing and motion exercises,” said Callahan. She had a double mastectomy as a preventative measure against cancer. She is encouraging more women to join the program.


Khan met two men in a parking lot. One of the men shot Khan. A motive is not known. A gun was found. The two suspects drove away in a white SUV. Two people are being questioned about the shooting.


The J.P. Taravella Marching Band is very popular. Many students participate in the marching and concert bands. The Marching Trojans have won many awards and accolades over the year. Picture above, the J.P. Taravella band performs with the Ramblewood Middle School Band during a football game.



Among the candidates for the Coral Springs Commission, there is a divide on how to proceed on the proposed municipal complex. On one side, there is the feeling that $28 million is too much for new complex. On the other side, there is belief that the municipal complex will benefit Coral Springs and so will the planned Downtown that will surround it. Commissioner Tom Powers and now mayoral candidate believes the proposed municipal complex is a great idea and will benefit Coral Springs. Mayoral Candidate Walter “Skip” Campbell believes a new municipal complex is needed but should be built for less money.


First Church Coral Springs is offering its Pumpkin Patch. People can come by and purchase a pumpkin. The money raised will go to support youth activities, youth mission trips and Lydia’s Circle for young mothers. “We have many activities and ministries at the church. This pumpkin patch supports those ministries. Pictured above are volunteers who are working at the Pumpkin Patch.


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