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Broward County Commissioners decided not to ban the sales of the herbal drug Kratom, opting instead to further study use of the substance and wait until a study conducted by the University of Mississippi is complete.

Commissioners deferred an amended ordinance that would prohibit the sales, giving away, offer, advertisement for sale or public display for sale of Kratom, saying they didn’t have enough definitive information about the drug to make a policy decision that would ban the substance in Broward County.

Commissioner Kristin Jacobs brought the issue forward. “So the preponderance of evidence that’s out there, what’s happening in our community, is that Kratom is a highly addictive drug.   The fact that you don’t know about it doesn’t mean that that’s not so.  The fact that those that are using it will tell you that it’s not addictive and they can get off at any time, that’s the voice of addiction telling you that. This is a dangerous drug that’s finding replacement because oxycodone pill mill clinics have been shut down.  We have shut down bath salts and synthetic marijuana and this is yet another example of that,” said Jacobs.



The Stoneman Douglas Girls Cross Country Team won the District Cross Country Meet at Tradewinds Park. Annika Musten of Stoneman Douglas won the girls’ race. She is also sophomore class president and has a straight A average. “It takes lots of practice and dedication to be a good runner,” she said.



The Stoneman Douglas Boys Cross Country Team won the District meet at Tradewinds Park. Anthony Ramcharran, a Stoneman Douglas student won the race and Alex Margetts, also of Stoneman Douglas finished second. Margetts said he loves to run and that it takes dedication and training to do well in cross country. Coach Justin Boruch said the team is close knit and that many of the team members have been together since the summer. The Eagles Boys team took Third place in the County meet. “It takes consistency, dedication and hard work to do well in cross country,” said Boruch

IMG_3110The Taravella Boys Cross Country Team competed in the District Meet at Tradewinds Park. Co-Captains Kevin Chion-Chen and Jonathon Witte believe it takes effort and dedication to be successful in cross-country.


The Coral Springs Cross Country Team just before the District race at Tradewinds Park.


The Coral Springs Girls Cross Country Team performed well in the District meet at Tradewinds Park. Emily Netburn, a leader of the  team has been a cross country runner for four years. She is also president of the Student Government Association. She has enjoyed being a part of the team.


The Coral Glades Cross Country team performed well in the District Cross Country meet. Dominick Deleva, the top runner for the Coral Glades team said it take a good mind and a good attitude to do well as a runner.

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