Deborah Gregg is one of four artists who are now displaying their art work the Coral Springs Museum of Art.

Gregg focuses on sculptures and uses mixed media and items she has found to express her ideas. Her art begins with diary writings and then she takes her ideas and creates art. “The subject of my work is emotionally charged and introspective. The inscriptive writings in combination with reclaimed and altered materials give insight to intimate thoughts and experiences. Growing up, I was never able to keep a diary for fear of someone reading it. It is the child/adult voice inside my head that is chronicled within my work. It functions like a personal narrative,” said Gregg.

Jack Newman is presenting The United Tastes of America. He is exploring The American Love Affair With Food. He has always been fascinated with the subject.

Anne Deon is presenting Heroes, Outlaws, Angel and Rebels. She is addressing what is important and what images are worthy of being brought into the world.

Isabel Perez Salazar has artwork that mixes element and different materials. “Mixing natures is a kaleidoscope of materials, cloths, threads, paints, colors all immersed in memories. In almost all my work you visualize the presence of landscapes and perhaps imaginary trees,” she said.