Hurricane season is almost here and that means people need to start thinking about the possibility of a big storm. Emergency professionals always strongly recommend that families and individuals be as prepared as possible for a hurricane and to have a well thought out plan for a hurricane hit.

Mike Moser, division chief for the Coral Springs Fire Department said that every family should have supplies that will last for at least three days. These supplies should include one gallon of water per day per person. There should be enough food to last at least three days. This food should be non-perishable because refrigeration may not be available. Also, you should have a battery powered radio and flashlight and extra batteries. Everyone should have a first aid kids, garbage bags for sanitation, moist wipes and diapers. Plans should be made for family members who need special food. It important to ensure a supply of prescription drugs for family members who have medical needs. People who need oxygen should make sure they have extra oxygen tanks and a backup power supply.

You should have plenty of cash on hand and they should make sure all home and flood insurance policies are up to date. It is important to realize that power might be out for a long time. This means people should be prepared to live without electricity. If families have a generator, they should have gasoline on hand to run it.

Residents who live in western Broward County won’t experience a storm surge but they should be prepared for powerful winds and heavy rain. This means debris will be flying around during the storm. People should remain inside until the storm has passed. After the hurricane, people should be careful of downed power lines and large areas of standing water. People should be aware of large amounts of debris and damaged buildings. People who are working with chain saws to clear debris should be careful.