We are so proud of the men and women of the Coral Springs Fire Department! Once again, our members have been honored for their hard work and dedication to our community.

Captain Justin Parrinello was awarded with the first ever, Dr Nabil El Sanadi for his dedication to the protection and service of our community and its employees. Captain Parrinello developed and taught an extensive Active Killer training program. He taught all city employees how to handle themselves during an attempted mass killing event.

Lieutenant Martin Harvey and Lieutenant Jason Valentine were both honored as the Broward Health and North Broward Paramedics of the Year. Lieutenant Harvey and Valentine have been instrumental in the development of new programs in our agency and have been mentors and trainers to many of our staff. Their commitment to service is unmatched by anyone!

Firefighter/Paramedic Susan Toolan was awarded with the 2016 Mike Murphy Innovator of the Year. This award is given to someone who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the EMS field or has accomplished projects that improve or expanded the quality of EMS practice or influence in the community.

If you ever need emergency services in Coral Springs, the best of the best will come to your aid. These awards prove the type of men and women who work here are the best in the business.

Congratulations to those who were honored this past week. Your awards are well deserved. Thank you for all you do!