The City of Coral Springs will be getting two new fire stations which will replace two buildings that were outdated.

Fire Station 43, which is located at the intersection of Wiles Road and Rock Island Road at 4550 Rock Island Road is being rebuilt as is Fire Station 95, which is at 300 Coral Ridge Drive. Both stations were built when Coral Springs had a volunteer fire service and no one lived at the stations As Coral Springs transitioned to a full-time, paid fire service, sleeping and kitchen facilities had to be improvised by converting storage areas and classrooms into sleeping rooms and shower facilities. Also, as women joined the fire department, women’s restrooms had to be added. However they were improvised in nature.

The new stations will have more comfortable sleeping areas and kitchen facilities. They are more spacious and have improved accommodations for women. The previous stations were as well equipped for men and women to sharing living quarter but these new stations will be.

“Fire Station 43 was built in the 1980s and was created for a different environment,” said Division Chief Michael Moser, spokesperson for the Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department. “And Station 95 was not up to standard either. Both stations will be more comfortable and have more space.”

And the new stations will be able to accommodate the larger fire trucks that are now in service. Both stations include about 8,000 square feet of space. They are being paid for by a general obligation bond that was voted on by the residents of Coral Springs. Both stations are in the process of being demolished and rebuilt.

Fire Station 43 serves the eastern section of Parkland and the City Coral Springs. Fire Station 95 serves the southwest area of Coral Springs. The Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department has five stations in Coral Springs and three stations in Parkland.