Daniel Gohl, Chief Academic Officer for the Broward Public School system responded to recent test scores by Broward students.

Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) is committed to closing student performance gaps between sub-groups based on gender, ethnicity, special needs, and language status.  BCPS believes all students can perform at their best when they receive great teaching and comprehensive support systems. The 2016 Florida Standard Assessment results show that BCPS continues to be a leader among the five largest school districts in Florida, in both receiving and raising student achievement. In addition, BCPS also outperformed the state average in third grade reading. The District continues to analyze the data to identify schools that performed exceptionally, in an effort to model those best practices at other schools. As always, the District is committed to not only having all students perform satisfactorily, but that they move up the achievement ladder to perform at their highest potential.