The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School drama program is one of the most successful in Broward County. Members of the program received six Cappies awards for their performances in 2015/2016.

The school has a very competitive drama program and many of the students go on to pursue drama careers in and after college. In addition to working hard in class, many of the students train on their own with private teachers and vocal instructors. Members of the troupe compete against each to be the best in their area.

“It takes a special type of student, someone who loves doing theater and loves being a part of drama and is arts driven, creative and collaborative. It takes support from the student’s family,” said Melody Herzfeld. “Families will provide a lot of encouragement and support. They will make sure their son or daughter receives training summer drama camps.”

And it is not always the most talented or attractive person who becomes successful in the drama and entertainment world. It is usually the most hard working. There are many people who make a living as actresses and actors and can support a family. “You have to be willing to take the jobs that are available. You have to have a thick skin and be willing to focus on being in theater.

The Stoneman Douglas drama program had 25 nominations and six Cappies. They included best critics team, best featured actor, best comic actress in a musical, best publicity and marketing, best make up design and best creativity for directing.