Bees are one of the most interesting and important insects in the world. And few people really know how important bees are to the ecosystem.

Dr. Leo Gosser is working to educate people about bees and the important role they play in the local eco-system. He has formed the Community Apiaries Project (CAP), Inc. The goal of the organization is to set up community apiaries on city properties. He is in the process of establishing an apiary at the Parkland Library. He has developed plans for this apiary to make into an educational facility.

Gosser wants to establish an apiary in Davie, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs and Coconut Creek. And he hopes to get other municipalities interested.

The apiaries will be small about 12 by 12 foot enclosures that will include a viewing window for educational purposes. “We intend to hold classes outside the enclosure so people can observe what is happening inside, said Gosser.

Each apiary will be run by a manager under the direction of CAP. This manager will be certified and will give lectures and maintain the apiary at no cost to the city.

This is a continuation of Gosser’s effort to promote education about bees. He is the founder of the Broward Beekeepers Association. The organization has about 80 members mostly backyard beekeepers. “It is a great hobby because every day you learn something new about bees and you appreciate that the honey bee is of nature’s greatest wonders,” said Gosser. “It is an inexpensive hobby and you can get started for about $250. You need to have an interest in nature, a natural scientific curiosity and a lot of patience. You need to be comfortable around bees.”

Gosser always enjoys the opportunity to give lectures to educate the public on bees and how important they are. He has lectured at FAU and various municipalities. He attends local events to promote beekeeping.

“I want to provide lectures on the basics of bees. I will describe what bees do and how they benefit man. I will show the products bees produce. There are many things we can discuss,” said Gosser. “The honey bee is the most beneficial insect known to man.”

Bees are the most efficient pollinators and are responsible for about one third of the food supply because of their pollinating efforts. Honey bees have a social society in which every bee knows what it supposed to do. They are very efficient in what they do. Worker bees are responsible for most of the activities in the hive. The queen bee only lays eggs. The queen bee does not give orders. Every bee in the hive instinctively knows what it is supposed to do.