Every Sunday evening a group of classic car lovers get together at Tijuana Taxi in Coral Springs. They love to discuss cars and hang out together in a friendly social atmosphere. The cars are all lined up and many have their hoods up so people can see the powerful engines in the cars. The cars are lovingly restored and people enjoy see the cars and talking with their owners. There is a live DJ.

The classic car lovers celebrated their eighth anniversary of spending Sunday nights together at Tijuana Taxi. “We love hanging out here and we are here every Sunday night,” said Frankie the Wheel, a member of the Fongul Crew Car Club. He owns a classic car. He was among a group of Fongul members who enjoyed a dinner together.

George Cerrido enjoy working on older cars. A member of the Fongul Crew Car Club, he likes hanging with his friends on Sunday nights. “I enjoy working on older cars. I like being here,” he said.

John Griffith, a member of the Time Bandits Club enjoys restoring classic cars. He owns two Corvettes, a Trans Am and a GTO. He often participates in the Classic Car show at Tijuana Taxi. “I love coming here on Sunday nights. I like to work on older cars. I put a lot of work into the Corvette I brought here tonight,” he said.


Bob Blank and his son Brian Blank came with a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. “I love the older muscle cars. We come here every Sunday night. I have a lot of friends here,” he said. Bob worked hard to restore the car and gave it to his son Brian.

Anthony Lingwai brought his classic car. “This is the only thing you can do in Coral Springs with family and friends. It is a pleasant place to be on Sunday nights,” he said.

Arlyne Miller, a member of the Road Knights came with a group of friends from her club. The brought classic cars. “I like being here,” she said.