Hundreds of people got together at the Peace Park in Coral Springs to participate in a Peace Walk to encourage peace, togetherness and harmony in light of the recent shootings in Dallas. Leaders of area faith groups, political leaders, community leaders and members of the community came together to pray for peace and unity. Participants walked around the park and then came together and hugged one another. Coral Springs Vice Mayor Dan Daley began to organize the event on Friday evening. He called area faith group leaders and suggested the idea of a Peace Walk. The word was put on out social media and other outlets and on Monday evening, many people got together. Many of the people present were from various faith groups. They were all present to show the importance of respecting one another regardless of their differences in backgrounds and beliefs.


“I am so proud to see the community together for this. I am thrilled,” said Daley. “I have never been more proud of Coral Springs.”

Rev. Randall Cutter said, “It is important that we live together in peach and unity.”

Piero Falcio, program director for One Planet United stressed the importance of unity among people. “This was a fantastic event. We need to have peace in our community and peace on earth. It is great to have so many people coming together for peace,” he said.

Commissioner Joy Carter was also pleased to see so many people coming together to encourage and promote peace.

After the walk, everyone was encourage to hug one another. And nearly everyone did so.