The Coral Springs Chargers football program is getting ready for the upcoming fall season. Every night, coaches teach young players the basics of football. The program is divided into weight classifications and includes an unlimited weight class for older and heavier players. The Coral Springs Chargers is a competitive football program and the players participate in a demanding workout program. Even though the goal is to have a winning season, the coaches are more concerned about teaching the values of working hard to achieve a goal, team work and respect for fellow team mates, coaches and opponents.

Mike Steinberg is a coach in the program. “The Coral Springs Chargers teach more than the game of football. It helps the players develop into young men. They learn to respect one another and their coaches. And they learn to respect their parents. We are showing them how to work together as a team,” he said.

Clyde Parry, a Chargers coach for the pee wee level said, ” We are teaching boys the basics of football. They learn to block and tackle. We are introducing them to the game of football,” he said.

Danielle Smith, a team mom said, “This is a good program for the boys. They learn to play football and they learn teamwork,” she said.