Governor Rick Scott announced that the Florida Department of Health (DOH) has concluded that four cases of the Zika virus are likely mosquito-borne.   DOH knows that the four cases are in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. One of these cases involves a woman and the other three cases involve men.   At this time, DOH believes that active transmissions of the Zika virus are occurring in one small area in Miami-Dade County, just north of downtown.  The exact location is within the boundaries of the following area: NW 5th Avenue to the west, US 1 to the east, NW/NE 38th Street to the north and NW/NE 20th Street to the south.  This area is about 1 square mile and a map is below to detail the area.  This is currently the only area of the state where DOH is testing to see if there are local transmissions of Zika.  They are all active Zika cases and have not exhibited symptoms to be admitted to the hospital.