Leena Itty is the new principal of Maplewood Elementary School in Coral Springs. She was principal of Hallandale Elementary School last year and has served in the Broward Public Schools for 16 years.

“I want to continue the tradition of excellence at Maplewood. The students, parents and staff here are great. I want to focus on high quality instruction. I want to work with the community and build a strong team. Together we can achieve more and make this school even better,” said Itty.

She believes that it is important that teachers respond to the educational needs of the students. Itty believes it important for students to feel safe at all times and she wants to create a positive learning environment. “I always have an open door policy. We need to adjust to the changing needs of the students,” said Itty.

Many parents want to send their children to Maplewood. The school received a C grade based on standardized test scores and Itty wants to raise that grade to an A. “We have to adjust to changes in the test. We have to discover what works best when preparing children to take the test,” said Itty.

She wants Maplewood to be a pleasant place to get an education. “We will teach tolerance so that students learn to get along with people who are different from themselves. We will promote good behavior among students. We will have extra activities that are fun and encourage learning,” she said.

Itty has enjoyed a successful career in education. She began as a Language Arts teacher at Seminole Middle School. Then she moved to Ramblewood Middle School where she taught Language Arts and became chair of the Language Arts department. She moved on to Margate Middle School to become assistant principal. She spent three years as principal at Hallandale Elementary School before coming to Maplewood.

Itty has a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Florida Atlantic University and a Master’s degree in Education Leadership from Florida Atlantic University.