The zip codes 33065 and 33071 will now default to Coral Springs instead of Pompano Beach. Previously, there were 12 zip codes that defaulted to Pompano Beach, including four that were partially or entirely within Coral Springs city boundaries.  The post office reviews boundaries every 10 years, but previously denied Coral Springs’ requests to have it corrected. Mayor Campbell and U.S. Congressman Ted Deutch reached out to post office officials, as well as legislative affairs requesting to have it changed.  “It was our number one issue, and Congressman Deutch took care of it,” Mayor Skip Campbell said. “The fact is, the people of the City of Coral Springs deserve this,” said Deutch. “With all these addresses standardized for accuracy, Coral Springs will hopefully receive even better delivery, and more importantly, it’s a long-standing issue that’s been resolved.” Currently, 33067 and 33076 overlap with neighboring cities and will not reflect this change. Another review will be held in the future for these zip codes.