Broward Organized Leaders Doing (BOLD) Justice has set goals for the next year. The organization wants to expand the civil citation program state wide. With civil citations, juveniles who are involved in minor offenses can complete a community service program and not have the offense on their record. Recidivism for Civil Citation is about four percent rather than 13 percent for those arrested for first time misdemeanors. The recidivism rate is 41 percent for those sent to detention centers. Young people who go to the civil citation programs are three times less likely to get into trouble again than those who are arrested. The cost for civil citation is $385 as compared to about $5,000 for a juvenile to be processed in the juvenile court system.

Another goal of BOLD Justice is to encourage police departments to provide training to their officers so they can more effectively deal with people who have mental health issues.

Also, the organization wants to provide high quality and affordable living options for senior citizens. The goal is to eliminate the abuse of seniors in homes for older residents.