Karen Jones is running for Seat Three on the Coral Springs Commission. She works in the health insurance industry and has a strong concern for her community and helping others.

“I decided to run because I want to make Coral Springs the best place to live in Broward County for all residents. I have devoted my life to working to improve the lives of others and to advocating on behalf of people who do not have a voice for themselves,” said Jones.

In her professional career, Jones helps people appeal denied requests for health coverage. She believes it is important for all Coral Springs residents to have a voice on the Commission. She has knocked on doors throughout the City and has spent time getting to know residents and their concerns.

“After speaking to people in the community, I formed my platform. I believe it is important that we have fiscal responsibility, child safety and police substations,” she said.

She believes the Commission agreed to spend too much money on the new city hall which is now under construction. She believes that unforeseen costs for this new building have increased the cost and this will not help residents. Jones believes it important that property values be high and residential taxes to be low.

A major concern for Jones is the City’s parks. She believes this is important for child safety. “I found issues in the parks. We found loose signs, grounds with holes in the rubber floors. At Fern Glen we found a demolished board walk that had been destroyed by Hurricane Wilma. There was a rest room that had burned down and our children were still playing around the debris. We were able to get the City to work on cleaning up this park,” said Jones.

Police Substations are another goal for Jones. “Some of the communities had substations a few years ago and residents liked having them. People knew where to find an office and there was a comfort in that,” she said.

Jones said she has about serving the Coral Springs community.