If you have to drive from Coral Springs or Parkland to I-95, you a probably very familiar with the slow traffic that often occurs on the major thoroughfares running from west to east in Northern Broward County.

But relief is on the way. Currently members of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, (MPO) are studying a plan to link the Sawgrass Expressway to I-95 and to maintain or improve the quality of life for surrounding residents. There is a 2.1 mile gap between these two highways in Northern Broward County and an effort is underway to close this gap.

“Our highways network gets people to and from work and it also moves freight and keeps businesses alive,” said Paul Calvaresi, transportation planner with the MPO. “This stretch of road fails are certain times during the day. We want to help move people more efficiently while maintaining or improving the quality of life for those who live around the corridor.”

The linking road would allow cars and trucks to move at a faster rate of speed. The committee working on this project has expressed a desire to place as much of the road below ground as possible. It would be a sunken or depressed road. Some of the road might actually be a tunnel. This road would run parallel to Southwest Tenth Street. Members of the public have expressed a need for this road project.

Coral Springs Commissioner Larry Vignola is a leader with the MPO on this project and he is very excited about this project. He said there has been a goal to establish a linking expressway from west to east in Broward County for many years but this is the first time a serious effort to make it a reality has happened.

“This will be very significant for the residents of Broward County. It will be a major and important construction project. We can now make the traffic flow better in Northern Broward County,” said Vignola.