Zika sprayings have been  Coral Springs, Davie and Fort Lauderdale.  More are scheduled for Margate, Tamarac and the Broward Municipal Services District.

The type of mosquitoes that carry the Zika virus are referred to often as “container mosquitoes” because of their affinity for urban areas and laying eggs in “clean water” that is protected/containerized (i.e. you would not find Aedes aegypti laying massive egg banks in the salt marshes of Broward County).  In addition, they will lay their eggs in very small amounts of water (in some cases only a small teaspoon is needed).  You can imagine all the“containers”, both artificial and natural, that abound in Broward County. Bromeliads, flower pots, plastic trash, buckets, etc. all collect rain water and are ideal locations for Aedes aegypti.  The one advantage is they are not strong fliers and typically are isolated to the neighborhoods in which they hatch.  As such, it would be impractical to physically try and find every ounce of water breeding these container mosquitoes and treating them with a larvicide.  Hence the need for a different application approach, aerial larviciding.