Bowling is a very popular sport among Coral Springs High Schools. The sport is offered at the varsity level by Coral Springs high schools and a growing number of students are developing skills as competitive bowlers.  Pictured above a member of the Boys and Girls Bowling Team at J.P. Taravella High School.

Crystal Singh of Coral Springs Charter School recently bowled a 300 game. She is part of a very strong girls bowling team that has won three straight district championships and is hoping to advance to the state championship this year. Harmony Ramano, considered the eighth best high school bowler in the nation is also hoping for success this year. She bowled a 299 at a national competition. “I love bowling. We have a good team this year. It takes effort and hard work to be good at bowling,” said Romano.

Julia Galang is also a top bowler for the Coral Springs Charter Girls team. She has bowled a 278. “I love to bowl and I want to get to the state championship this year,” she said. The Coral Springs Charter Girl’s team is picture below.


The J.P. Taravella Bowling Team is good. The Boys team is undefeated and the girls are working on developing their team. Wendy Moskowitz, who runs the overall program said bowling is a fun sport but that to be good does require hard work. “We have a good team this year and hope to advance to the state competition,” she said.

Top members of the girl’s team include Alanna Thompson, Jennifer Oxman and Ashley Davis.

Joey Watynski, captain of the boy’s team has bowled a 298. “It takes hard work and dedication to do well. I enjoy bowling,” he said. He is among a group of very good bowlers including Vinnie Fedora, Tyler Mason, Zach Gavin and Conrad McCarthy.


Alanna Thompson, captain of the girl’s team has bowled a 275. “I love bowling. It takes a lot of practice to be good,” she said.

The Stoneman Douglas girls bowling team is undefeated and hoping to advance to the state playoffs. The boys bowling Team is also doing very well. “It takes a lot of practice to do well in bowling,” said Kaitlyn Carbocci, team captain.