Today, during the Enterprise Florida (EFI) Board Meeting, Governor Rick Scott announced that he will propose $85 million in his 2017-2018 recommended budget for economic incentives to bring more jobs to Florida. Governor Scott also announced that he will be proposing legislation during the upcoming legislative session to restructure EFI so the organization can get back to its core mission of creating jobs in Florida.

Governor Rick Scott said, “I ran on a mission to turn Florida’s economy around, and while we have added over one million jobs in just five and a half years, I will keep fighting for jobs until my very last day as Governor. I know firsthand that a job is the single most important thing to a family because it changed my family’s life growing up when my parents had jobs. I will fight for every resource available to bring jobs to Florida and that is why I will be including $85 million for economic incentives in my recommended budget for the sole purpose to bring more jobs to Florida.