The BrowardNext Broward County Land Use Plan looks to the year 2040 and beyond to address the planning needs of a population that is expected to grow by an estimated 235,000 over the next two decades.

Broward Commissioners asked for a comprehensive land use update two years ago to address 21st Century challenges and needs not anticipated in the original countywide land use plan which was first adopted in 1977 and last updated in 1989, when much of the county was undeveloped. “What we have in front of us today is a plan we should all be very proud of, after giving this direction two years ago. The job and scope of what’s been accomplished here is one that I’m most proud of. This was a team effort with a great team,” said Commissioner Lois Wexler Between August 2014 and August 2016, the Broward County Planning Council and County staffs participated in an extensive outreach and communication effort in coordination with municipalities and affected and interested stakeholders. More than 80 public workshops and presentations were conducted. Full representation and participation from municipalities and their staffs were a vital component. Email communications were regularly provided to a contact list of approximately 1,500 residents, elected officials, and engaged organizations. The land use policy document is far reaching in scope and includes updated land use recommendations that plan and promote targeted redevelopment, attainable housing, transit corridors, multi-modal transportation services and open space and recreational areas for public use. The environment is key with implementation plans for climate and sea level change, protection of the shoreline and natural waterways, land preservation, emergency management disaster planning and planning for a future water and food supply. “You have done an incredible job pulling together some of the most progressive ideas in urban planning. This gives us a blueprint for the future that will dictate policy on how the county goes forward for the next couple of decades,” said Commissioner Beam Furr. “These were public servants who found a way to create a policy that will be beneficial to all people in Broward County for a long time to come,” noted Commissioner Dale V.C. Holness. “So we will concentrate on development in areas where it will be easier for people to go to work, to go to school, shopping and not use a car. As we continue to grapple here every week on all issues that are encompassed in this land use plan rewrite, we will be guided by this document to make decisions that prepare this county for the coming decades,” said Commissioner Tim Ryan. The BrowardNext Broward County Land Use Plan will now to be submitted to Florida state agencies for additional review prior to future final approval by Broward County Commissioners