The City of Coral Springs opened its Farmers’ Market on October 9 at the ArtWalk.

Those who came could enjoy a wide variety of fresh food items, baked goods, craft products, clothing and a musical performance from the Inner Court. There were plenty of vendors and it was fun and festive place to be on Sunday morning.

“This is a nice event. More people have heard about the Farmers’ Market and they are coming. We have live music and plenty of food vendors. Families can have fun here,’ said Sophia Cagan, a realtor. Her company is sponsoring the event.

Katie Radillo of the Designing Tree was selling clothing from a small trailer. “I love being here. We sell clothing and people enjoy coming here,” she said.

Chef Adam was selling gourmet rubs. “This is a good event,” he said.

Lee White enjoyed the opportunity to sell lime and lemon trees.

Tony Alford, a base player with The Inner Court Jazz band enjoyed performing at the Farmers’ Market. This market is offered on various Sunday mornings at the ArtWalk from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. There are a wide variety of food vendors offering fresh vegetables, pastries, crafts, and other treats. There will live musical entertainment and other fun activities.