Ryan Trollinger, a resident of Coral Springs, was arrested and charged with

  1. Possession of firearm on school property (Felony)
  2. Possession of Firearm by a minor (Misdemeanor)
  3. Trespassing (Misdemeanor)
  4. Disruption of school function (Misdemeanor)

The two females that reported seeing the gun didn’t actually see it they were told by a male student who did see Trollinger lift his shirt and display the gun to a third male.  The females then immediately told the SRO Officer Jeff Heinrich.  Initially the girls reported the description of the associate of Trollinger, who he showed the gun to.  Officer Heinrich then heard that Trollinger was on campus and knows that he is not a current student.  He immediately detained him and Trollinger tried pulling away, the officer cuffed and searched him a recovered a loaded 9mm from his front waist band.  The school was placed on lockdown while officers searched for the associate (who was the description initially given by the girls).  The associate who’s name we can’t release because he was baker acted (no charges pending)  had a 7 page “journal” in his pocket at the time officers detained him (which is attached) depicting violence and talking about shooting up the school in January 2017.  Trollinger’s associate told officers today Trollinger stated “Today is the day, it’s going down.”  Both Trollinger and the associate are friends however, the journal found on the associate today and the gun and threats made by Trollinger are separate incidents