Members of Broward Organized Leaders Doing Justice (BOLD) came together to discuss various community problems and make a strong commitment to working together to solve them. Broward Sheriff Scott Israel attended and said he believed in Crisis Intervention Training for BSO personnel as a way to help mentally ill individuals involved in offenses. He also stressed his belief in the Civil Citation program as a way to help juveniles and to get them on the right path without a permanent criminal record.

Members of various Broward County faith groups were present at the meeting. An important goal of BOLD is to get state legislation passed that would encourage civil citations throughout Florida. Juveniles who receive a civil citation for non-offenses can complete a program and not have a permanent criminal record.

Since April of 2015, when civil citations were first implemented more children have received civil citations. Most of the eligible youth in Hollywood have received a civil citation, according to BOLD information. The BSO gets 81 percent of eligible youth into civil citations. And Broward County as a whole gets about 78 percent of eligible youth into civil citations. Now the Criminal Justice Collaborative is going back to push for legislation that will make civil citations mandatory for first time non-serious offenses committed by juveniles. At the Nehemiah Action, Sheriff Israel committed to personally attend the State Legislative meeting to testify in favor of providing all of Florida’s children equal access to civil citations.