Rachel Gorman loves being a leader in the Stoneman Douglas High School band. She is an assistant drum major and plays the baritone. Playing music well is important to her and so are the many friends she has made over her years in band.

“We work hard during practice but it is very rewarding,” she said. “We bond together as a family.”

The Stoneman Douglas marching band will be one of many performing in the upcoming FBA assessment at Coral Springs High School this Saturday. Bands will be judged on music and marching efforts.

Brianna Sanchez also loves being a part of the band program at Stoneman Douglas. She plays the trumpet and is an assistant drum major. “It takes dedication and focus to do well in band and I enjoy playing music,” she said. “We are like a family and we bond together.”

Josh Hogan, a trumpet player in the Eagle Regiment said he has made a lot of friends in band and likes practicing and performing. “I have worked hard in band and this is my favorite activity,” he said. “I have made a lot of good friends in band.”

Steven Blake, a baritone player said he has made many friends in the Eagle Regiment.

Alexander Kaminsky, the band director is pleased with the band and says it is doing well in performances and competitions.