Joey Watynski was excited to be a part of the J.P. Taravella’s Boys’ Bowling team district victory. He is the team captain and is looking forward to competing in the state finals in Orlando. “We put in a lot of effort in practices. It is a good feeling to win,” he said. The team enjoyed an undefeated season.

Teammate Gavin McCarthy was also pleased to be part of  Taravella’s district championship team.

Michael Moskowitz, the coach of the J.P. Taravella Boys’ team said the victory represents success after a lot of effort. “I think we can do well at the state meet,” he said.

The J.P. Taravella Girls’ Team finished in second place at the tournament. Coach Wendy Moskowitz said the team has worked hard during the season. Members of the team have put a lot of work into practice sessions.