Early voting is now taking place at the Northwest Regional Library in Coral Springs near the corner of University Drive and Sample Road. You will see supporters of the various candidates waving signs and handing out literature in favor of their candidates. So far everyone has been civil but there have been some stories of heated exchanges among the various supporters of candidates.

Laurie Vignola is campaigning for her son Larry Vignola to retain his seat on the commission. She believes his experience and high level of commitment will help the City of Coral Springs. He has sought to keep taxes low, increased the parks budget and sought to put a school resource officer in every school.

Diane Yousefi was supporting his opponent Karen Jones. She believes Jones will work to improve the City’s parks and bring back police substations.

Former Parkland Mayor Michael Udine is running against Randall Cutter, a Coral Springs pastor for a seat on the County Commission. Both candidates are well liked and have extensive experience.

The penny sales tax increase is another hot issue. Many political leaders want the additional penny which will increase the sales tax from six cents to seven cents to pay for various infrastructure and transportation improvements. The money will be divided between the city and county governments. The County will use the money to pay for various transportation improvements including more buses and light rail and the cities will use the money to pay for a wide range of public projects. In Coral Springs the money will go toward a new stadium at J.P. Taravella High School and an auditorium at Coral Glades High School.

Of course the big question is who will win the presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. There are supporters from both sides at early voting locations.