Volunteers and members of First Church Coral Springs are preparing Bethlehem Revisited which will run from December 9 through 13. There will be 17 shops and those who come will get a sense of what Bethlehem was like when Jesus was born. “We will be coming every weekend to work on Bethlehem Revisited,” said Mike Brockway, who was working on the project. “Last week we put up the walls and we continuing to build Bethlehem.”

During the presentation, members and volunteers will be dressed as people in ancient Bethlehem dressed. There will be a blacksmith, honey, bakery and other shops. Each year, families with babies play the role of the Holy Family. There are also Roman soldiers who act like an arrogant occupying army. The event is free and will attract about 10,000 visitors.

David Singh, was among a group of Deerfield Beach High School Marine Corp. JROTC students who helped out. “I like working on the project,” he said.