Caryn Gardner-Young, the former city manager of Parkland reached a separation agreement with the City of Parkland. Her last day was November 30. She will stay on with the City an outside consultant.

This is part of a statement she read during a recent Commission meeting. “During my tenure, the City has accomplished so much.  We built a new and rebuilt an existing fire station, stations 109 and 42, we completed the last 30 acres at Pine Trails Park, we built a new dog park, Barkland, we created the largest farmer’s market in Broward County, we moved the county line from Palm Beach County to Broward County bringing 1900 acres into Broward and potentially all into the City, and we opened and took over operations of the City’s Community Center just to name a few.  The residents feel the City is going in the right direction by the high scores we have received in our citizen surveys, the City is in great financial condition having survived the 2008-2009 recession without a loss in level of service and we are preparing financially for the future.

Parkland rightfully earned a national reputation for being a leader in many areas including – designation as a Playful City since 2007, issuance of the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting by the GFOA since 2007, Top Rated Small Towns and City in 2010, Best Intergenerational Community in 2014, Top Ten Places to Live in Florida in 2015, 14th Best City for Young Families in 2015, Best Small City in the Nation for Families in 2015, 4th most Successful City in Florida in 2016 and lowest or second lowest crime rate in Broward County since 2009,”