Students and faculty at Stoneman Douglas High School are working together to develop Marjory’s Garden. This is a unique program involving the school’s biology, culinary arts, environmental, earth science and DECA students. The goal is to transform an open lot in the back of the school in a large garden project that will provide a wide range of vegetable products.

Students have been working hard on this project after school and on Saturdays. Currently the garden is in phase one with raised vegetable gardens. There will be a wide range of vegetables grown in the garden. Eventually the goal is to use solar panels and rainwater to improve the garden. The project has received a $4,000 grant and is looking for ways to raise more money.

“We want to create an outdoor classroom,” said Sean Simpson. “We want to get many students involved. We want DECA students to help with raising money and selling the food we produce. We want science students to use this garden to learn more about plants.”

So far the project is in its initial phase. There are plans to develop it further.