The City of Coral Springs has a new building to educate children on the importance of personal safety. The City’s leaders recently gathered to dedicate the new Safety Town building which will provide a more comfortable environment for educating younger children. The building includes about 2,400 square feet and is located at 520 Ramblewood Drive.

“This is an awesome building space for our programs,” said Mary Boast, a volunteer leader for Safety Town. “The building was paid for with a General Obligation Bond. We are able to teach all aspects of safety to children.”

The building is located inside Kiwanis Park. It replaced a modular building that had been in use for about 20 years. The program has been in operation for about 30 years. The property includes a miniature city where children learn about street signs and pedestrian and bicycle safety. There is also a trailer where children learn about fire safety.  They learn how to deal with strangers, gun safety, pool and canal safety, poisons and other ways to protect oneself. There are summer programs and activities during the school year for children who live in the Parkland and Coral Springs areas.