David Hogg loves engineering and technology. He has a strong interest in drone technology and is member of the Stoneman Douglas High School drone team.

“Building a drone is a complex process. You need a receive and motors. I have a business where I take photos of real estate properties using drone technology,” said Hogg. “There are many ways you can use drones.”

Josh Reimer, also a member of the Stoneman Douglas drone team. “I really love technology and we are planning to build a drone with a camera,” said Reimer.

Ferenc Harmat said loves working with drones and using remote controls to fly them. “Eventually we may be able to move heavy loads such as cars with drones,” he said.

The Stoneman Douglas drone team competed in the first every Broward County Drone League competition at South Plantation. They used a drone they purchase but in few weeks, the drone team members plan to start building a drone. “We want to build our own drone and enter it into a competition,” he said.  The drone team is working to raise money for their program.