The Pompano Beach Holiday Boat Parade was very successful this year. It is the longest running continuous boat parade in the United State and attracts many beautifully decorated boats. They were covered in lights and of various sizes. Many of the other boats had music playing and people having a good time.

Bill Riddick, chairman of the board for the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce was pleased with the parade. “We had a lot of boats decked out in lights. This boat parade is a nice event. It is one of my favorite events of the year,” he said.

Ric Green, CEO of the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce was impressed with the boat parade. “I was very impressed. This parade continues to improve and we had a good show tonight,” he said.

Cindy Brief, one of the judges said, “I was really impressed and this was a great parade. The smaller boats were impressive,” she said.

The Pompano Beach Boat parade is a well-known annual event in Pompano Beach.