About 100 people got together at the ArtsPark at Young Circle to participate in a Christmas Caroling event. This was the first year for the caroling activity which as part of the Christmas Near the Beach. Denna McDaniel, who organized the event hoped to set a world record for the number of Christmas carolers together. Some recruiting will be required. The world record is 1,823 carolers.

“We sang traditional Christmas carols,” said McDaniel. “We want to create the feeling of a hometown Christmas. We had a good time and the business owners came out to hear us sing.”

The carolers got together at the ArtsPark and then visited a number of businesses nearby and sang Christmas carols. Then they returned to the ArtsPark and sang more carols.

Jackie Patullo was one of the carolers. “We had a great time today. I enjoyed caroling,” she said.

Carmen Behar said, “I really enjoyed singing Christmas carols. We had a good time.”

The carolers sang well and created a pleasant atmosphere at the beginning of Christmas Near the Beach.