Bees play a critical role in the ecosystem. But many individuals know little about bees and how important they are.

Leo Gossner, a bee expert who has about 20 hives at his home in Parkland wants to provide education on the importance of bees and how to live with them. He is leading an effort known as the Community Apiaries Project. The goal is to provide enclosed apiaries on municipal properties for educational purposes.  Each apiary will be run be a certified beekeeper. So far, Gossner has selected sites in Parkland and Coral Springs and he hopes to establish locations in Davie, Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach.

Each apiary will be a 12 by 12 foot enclosure and have between five and ten hives. These apiaries will be available to anyone who is doing research on bees. Right now Gossner is trying to raise money to create apiaries. Each one costs about $5,000. He is hoping that area businesses will sponsor one.

“We want to educate people about bees. We will be giving free lectures to municipal employees so they will know how to handle bees. We will also provide educational programs for schools, churches and community groups,” said Gossner.

“We want people to understand the importance of bees and to respect them. We you see a bee, let it be,” said Gossner. “I people to learn to live with bees.”

Gossner and some of his fellow beekeepers will handle bee removals. He will go to properties that have a bee problem and remove them. “I have gotten a lot of calls for bee removals. I get stung but I am used to it,” he said.