A day on, not a day off. This was the theme of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership and Diversity Day which took place at the Northwest Regional Library on January 16. Students from area schools got together to discuss the importance of respecting one another regardless of their religious, political or ethnic background. They participated in workshops and listened to speakers. At the end of the program, they watched a dance performance by J.P. Taravella dance team members and a musical performance by Abundant Life Church.

Joyce Campos, of the City of Coral Springs was pleased to see young people coming together to learn the importance of respecting cultural diversity. “We do this every year. This is  a leadership event for our young people. It is important that young people learn to appreciate each other,” said Campos.

Commissioner Lou Cimaglia was glad to see young people focusing on diversity. “This is a nice event and I am glad that young people are a part of it,” he said.

Vice Mayor Dan Daley spoke to the young people and praised them for coming to the event. “I am proud of all of you. You are our future leaders,” he said.

Amy Williams, a teacher who runs the J.P. Taravella Dance program was glad the young women could perform in the event. “The girls enjoyed performing,” she said.