People came together at the Nautical Flea Market at Pompano Beach Community Park to shop for a  huge variety of nautical and marine themed items. Those who came could buy anything from a fishing reel to a boat. There were art and craft items, clothing, boat accessories, jewelry and many other items.

“I love the Nautical Flea Market. I have coming here for years and I am selling fishing tackle. I am getting a lot of traffic and the weather was great,” said Marshall Gordon.

JB Barabas was selling bottle cap removal items. “This is a great place to be,” he said.

Hunter Melton was selling fishing equipment. “This is my favorite flea market. A lot of people are buying today. We had a good day,” he said.

Bill Gustafson was selling tiki bar decorations. “I paint and sell tiki bar decorations. This is a fun place to be,” he said.

Monika Urbanska, an artist was selling shirts that offer protection from the sun. The shirts had artistic designs. She was also selling marine art. “I love to create art featuring fishing, sea turtles and other ocean themes. I like the flea market,” she said.

Michael Grossman was selling ocean access real estate. “This is a great flea market. A lot of people want to live on or near the ocean,” he said.

John Clifford was selling lights and other items taken from large ships. He salvages the items from shipyards. “I came from South Carolina. I like being here,” he said.

The Nautical Flea Market is run by the cities of Lighthouse Point and Pompano Beach. This was the 27th year for the Flea Market. There were about 400 vendor and during the two days, about 10,000 people came to the Flea Market. “This is a big community event and there are many items for sale,” said Petty Petrone of Lighthouse Point. “People who come can have a good time.”

Items for sale included anchors, mooring products, nautical arts and crafts, furniture and food. There was an area for children and food trucks.