A group of monks from the Drepung Gomang Monastery visited the Coral Springs Museum of Art. They shared their culture, meals and way of life with people who came to visit. People could spend time alongside the monks as they meditated in silence. They created a sand mandala for the Buddha of compassion: Chenrezig. The purpose the construction of the mandala is to encourage everyone to generate a compassionate heart for all sentient beings.

Also, the monks showed people how to paint their own prayer stone known as the mani stone. These prayer stones are a physical representation of positive conditions such as long life, health and success. People could learn about butter sculptures. The monks created sculptures of plants and animals inspired by stories of Buddha using butter from yak milk. Visitors would learn how to create beautiful, colorful flowers using Play-Doh.

The monks also performed chants. People could learn about the instruments they use and rituals of dance including the snow lion dance, yak dance and good luck dance. Also, members of the community had the opportunity to eat dinner with the monks. The monks prepared meals which included momos, a nice treat similar to dumplings.

The Drepung Gomang monks travel throughout the world to share their art and culture through the Sacred Art Tour.