Students attending Broward County Public Schools in Parkland and Coral Springs may have to change schools next year. Almost 200 students may have to move from Heron Heights Elementary School and Park Trails Elementary Schools to Riverglades Elementary School. There are plans to build 5,000 new homes in Parkland and the two elementary schools have little room for more students. Both Heron Heights and Park Trails will have more student than they were built to hold but Riverglades Elementary School is building 24 new classrooms which have been paid for by the City of Parkland. Actually, more than 340 students would need to leave Heron Heights or Park Trails to avoid overcrowding in these schools. The Broward  School Board is considering various options for these students.

Also, Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie is expected to recommend moving 188 students who would be going to Stoneman Douglas High School to Coral Glades High School. These students live between Royal Palm Boulevard and Sample Road and Coral Springs Drive and University Drive. Current students would not be affected.