If you want to have some  fun this weekend, then come to the St. Andrew Family Carnival. The event starts on Thursday night and runs until Sunday night. The family oriented event raises money for the St. Andrew Church and School. There are 27 rides. Some are geared for young children while others are suitable for teens and adults. There is the merry go round, the screamer, the claw and many other fun rides.

“This is a great family event and everyone can have some fun,” said Cynthia Breiner, a leader of the Carnival. “We will have a raffle for $3,000. The Knights of Columbus are selling their funnel cakes.”

There will also be plenty of live entertainment. There will be a reggae band, dance performances and bands playing popular music. There is also a tent offering beer. There is something for people of all ages and interests and it is all good clean fun.