Tatiana Moise is a top student at Coral Glades High School. She won the Questbridge Scholarship and is looking forward to attending Wellesley this fall. Moise has ambitious goals during and after college.

“At Wellesley, I plan to major in Political Science and minor in either Women’s Studies or Public Policy. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, I hope to attend and complete law school in order to earn a Juris Doctor degree. Although I do not plan to practice law, I believe that attending law school will teach me to think critically and strategically, and I will be able to use that skill in my future career,” said Moise.

“After completing my education, my dream is to host my own show on MSNBC called “The Ivy Leagues with Tatiana Ivy,” much like The Rachel Maddow show, All In With Chris Hayes, or The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, which I watch every weekday,” said Moise.

Winning the scholarship represented success for Moise.

“I am overjoyed. Winning the Questbridge Scholarship has enabled me and over 750 other well-rounded students in the nation to attend a top-tier university when our financial situations would otherwise not allow us to. Attending Wellesley on a full Questbridge scholarship will set up the framework for the rest of my career and my life, and I am so grateful for that opportunity,” said Moise.