The Renaissance Festival is almost here. The famous event opens at Quiet Waters Park this Saturday and will run for seven weekends. There really is something for everyone and many people go to simply escape for the real world. It is a place where you can be a pirate, a prince, a pope, a nun, a knight or an peasant. There are many encampments that show what life was like in the late medieval or Renaissance period. You can see how glass was made, how armor was assembled and how people lived their daily lives. The History of Chivalry puts on real combats similar to boxing.

“This year we have a new jousting company. There will be a dozen horses, trick riding and two chariots. They will be incorporated into a new show and it will be better,” said Bobby Gonzalez, who founded the Festival in 1992. He is expecting about 100,000 people over the seven weekends. He started with a small event and has seen it really grow over the years. It is a signature event in Broward County.

There will be new encampments. There will be an Ottoman encampment. The Ottomans were in charge of Spain for about 700 years. There will be a larger Viking encampment and a military encampment with new canon demonstrations. For the first time, there will be Indian food available.

And many of the activities will be similar to previous years. There will be plenty of entertainment, dancing, and music. There will be turkey legs and other food offerings. The Paladin Society will provide an educational experience on life in the late medieval period.   The Festival is a perfect opportunity to escape into another world.