Thousands of people got together at Quiet Waters Park to enjoy the Florida Renaissance Festival. It will be taking place over seven weeks and continues to get bigger.

Jan Weil was running the Royal Manor Mead, which was providing mead and wine to visitors. “This is fantastic and a lot of fun,” she said.

The Festival offers a chance for working people to escape and being a pope, knight, a pirate or a prince. This weekend was pirates weekend. “I am a pirate this weekend. I love being here,” said Jay Boyd, who was dressed for the part. Dan Caperton was also dressed as a pirate. “We are having a lot of fun today,” he said.

Kiara Wilson of the Paladin Society, a group of high school students was part of an art presentation. “We like being here,” she said.

The Florida Renaissance Festival offers many theater and musical presentations. There are arts and many actors and people who came dressed in Renaissance clothing. There was a performance of Pirates of the Colombian Caribbean which involve an acrobatic performance.

Bobby Rodriguez, the Founder of the Festival said there will be new acts  this year. The jousting performance is bigger and is being done by a different company. There are more horses and gladiators. The History of Chivalry puts on real combats. The Royal Artillery encampment gives a demonstration on canons. There are encampments showing how people lived in the medieval and Renaissance period and there are many shows.