When we give kids the inspiration and the tools to make a difference, they not only help kids in need but they improve their lives as well. Kids of Love was founded by Randall Slapikas in 2007 when he was 8 years old.  Randall knew he was fortunate to have his health and decided to start a club to help kids with cancer and make a difference in their lives. In 2011, Randall, with the assistance of his parents, evolved Kids of Love into a 501(c)3 charity. Today, Randall at the age of 17 is still passionate about his work with Kids of Love as they spotlight childhood cancer and other debilitating diseases. As an advocacy program Kids of Love works in spreading awareness and funding for childhood cancer research, and support for these children and their families. Kids of Love is unique because its support stems from kids helping other kids with needs.  The foundation is designed to help make a difference no matter how young the volunteer may be.  Kids of Love is a collaboration of adults and children working together to benefit kids in need and help make their lives a little better and collaborates with other charitable organizations through their outreach program in helping others. The Toy Kart started because Randall noticed that the hospitals received an abundance of toys during the holidays; however, they lacked toys, books, and games during the rest of the year.  Since kids do not just get sick during the holidays, Randall decided that there should be a year-round Toy Kart for the children on the pediatric floors at hospitals. Kids of Love reached out to Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida (RMHC) and have now partnered with them in support of Broward Health Salah Foundation Children’s Hospital.  Ronald McDonald House Charities “Lovin’ Coffee cart,” known for providing morning smiles every week in the form of coffee, cookies, pastries, drinks to pediatric families just celebrated their one year anniversary.  As a new addition on the first Monday of every month, the RMHC Lovin’ Coffee Cart will be escorting the Kids of Love Toy Kart and passing out toys, books, games and spreading love and joy as they make their rounds through the pediatric floors. Kids are our future, and by awakening the spirit of activism in young people, we all receive the benefit of their energy, creativity, and ideas.