The Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department dedicated Buchanan Fire Station 43 and held a ribbon cutting. The new station is actually a rebuilt structure that replaces a building that was considered obsolete and demolished. Michael Moser of the Fire Department said that the original station was suitable during a period when Coral Springs had a volunteer force and no one lived at the station. Now both men and women fire fighters live in the facility. There is a need for facilities that accommodate both men and women. “This is beautiful new station and a long time in coming,” said Moser.

The new station was paid for by a general obligation bond. It cost $3.5 million to build and includes just under 8,000 square feet. There three bays and three trucks operating out of Station 43 About six or seven fire fighters will occupy the station during a shift.

Fire Chief Frank Babinec spoke and discussed some of traditions of the fire service including ceremonies for new vehicles and fire stations. He said the new station was important to the fire department and its personnel.

The ribbon cutting included remarks by city commissioners and Mayor Skip Campbell. They all praised the work of the fire fighters and said they were pleased that a new station was now in service. Mayor Campbell said that during a recent trip, some TSA officials told him they wanted to become Coral Springs fire fighters. The Coral Springs Parkland Fire Department Honor Guard made a presentation. After the ribbon cutting, members of the public were given a tour of Fire Station 43 and enjoyed some cake and cookies. People had a chance to meet with fire fighters and see the equipment they use and their new living quarters.

Fire Station 43 is located at 4550 Rock Island Road and is the site of the first fire station in Coral Springs. It is named after a veteran fire fighter who served the City of Coral Springs for many years.

In a few weeks, Fire Station 95, the second station to be rebuilt using bond money will be dedicated.