Drones are considered an emerging technology and one that offers young people positive career opportunities.

A group of students at South Plantation High School have started a club known as the Revolutionary Racing Drone Team. The group has participated in the Broward Drone League competition which was hosted at South Plantation High School and other events. The club members have a passion for working on drones and flying them.

Morgan Anderson, one of the founders and a leader of the Drone Team has a strong interest in drones. “I love to race drones. The drones that we use in races are more difficult to fly. It takes a lot of skill to fly them well. It is easier to fly the drones that we use for aerial photography,” Anderson.

Robert McNiven, also a founder and leader of the Drone Team said, “I love working with drones. You get to work with technology that is constantly changing. I like racing the drones. I am getting a lot of practical experience with this club and I learning how to repair drones,” he said.

Matthew Ross, a leader on the team said, “We are learning how to build our own drones. It is fun to race the drones. It is like being in the cockpit of an airplane,” he said.

The members of the drone team are actually participating in the development of new technology. They are working on getting the latest safety certifications involving drones and following all the latest technology developments.

One area that offers some career opportunities for drone pilots is aerial photography. There is a demand for people who can use drones to photograph real estate developments and properties. Also, farmers need drones to fly over crops to see if the plants are getting enough nutrients and if they are growing properly.

The competitions such as the one held by the Broward Drone League are exciting and involve racing drones around obstacle courses. Members of the team are going to various competitions in the area. And they get together to build newer and more elaborate drones. “We all have jobs and some of the money we earn from those jobs goes into buying new drone parts,” said Anderson.

They are also working to develop drone flying skills. “To do well as a drone pilot takes a lot of skill and we are working on developing those skills,” said Ross.

Many of the drone team members are taking a course known as the Principals of Aeronautical Science taught by Danny Aguerre, an adjunct professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She teaches the course at South Plantation High School in addition to a full time job as an air traffic controller. It is considered a college freshman level class and is under the direction of Embry-Riddle.

“Right now we are studying how airplanes are powered and how they fly,” said Aguerre. “There are a lot of good opportunities for young people in aviation. There is shortage of pilots and aviation professionals.”

The students in the classs and the drone team love the opportunity to work with technology and are eager for careers in aviation.