People who wanted to learn all about the Ottoman Empire, which lasted for more than 600 years in what is now known as the middle east could visit the Ottoman Embassy at the Florida Renaissance Festival at Quiet Waters Park. The Festival runs throughout March and offers a huge variety of entertainment.

“We are portraying the time of Suliman the Magnificent,” said Sherry Strickland, who is leading the encampment. “They were nomadic but they were powerful and had a strong culture. They were leaders in trade and were known for their silks and olive oil. We are showing what life was like in the Ottoman Empire.”

The Ottoman empire ended after World War I. It was a very tolerant society and people from all faiths lived and worked together. It was led by the Osman family for more than 600 years from 1299 to 1992. “We are educating people about the empire,” said Stickland.

People can also learn about early artillery and medieval style fighting. They can visit a Viking encampment. Helm Hammerhad teaches people about Viking life. “They were farmers, fishermen and raiders. They were known for raiding cities. Many people of European descent can trace their ancestors to the Vikings. We show some of the items they sold such as furs and tar.”

The Renaissance Festival is the perfect place to go and escape. You can be a prince, a pirate, a peasant, a Pope or a queen.