Governor Rick Scott’s Administration sent a letter to Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Tom Price outlining greater flexibility the state is requesting for Florida’s Medicaid program to cut federal red tape and provide higher quality care to better serve low-income Floridians. If approved by HHS, these changes will be added to the state’s current 1115 Managed Medical Assistance (MMA) waiver.

Governor Rick Scott said, “Today, the State of Florida is requesting greater flexibility from the federal government in running our statewide Medicaid program so we can deliver high-quality care without layers of government bureaucracy. My goal is to turn the top-down, Washington-knows-best approach of the Obama Administration on its head by requesting flexibilities from the Trump Administration to manage our own Medicaid program based on the needs of Florida families. It is important to me that we have these flexibilities while not removing anyone from our current Medicaid program.