The Florida Renaissance Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary. This past weekend thousands of people came together at Quiet Waters Park to enjoy a huge Celtic and Irish celebration.

“We love coming to the Renaissance Festival. It is a fun atmosphere,” said Diane Kleiforth.  She came with her husband who was dressed as an 18th century gentleman.

Guillermo Llosa, a computer program for his day job played the role of a medieval warrior as a member of the History of Chivalry. “We have a lot of fun together. We hit each other and then we have fun together,” he said.

Alex Garcia was among a group of friends who were part of a Celtic tribe. “There were a lot of good shows here today,” he said.

There was plenty of Irish and Celtic entertainment. It would have been hard not to have a good time at the Florida Renaissance Festival. The Cu Dubh music group offered a rousing Irish performance. “We have a great group and I like being here,” said Mike McNutt, a performer with Cu Dubh

And you could learn some history at the Festival. Neal Ottoway gave a presentation on birds of prey including barn owls and Barbary falcons. “We want to educate people about birds of prey,” he said.

There was an encampment showing the lives of Vikings. “We provide an education on how Vikings lived and worked,” said Helmhammerhead.

The Paladin Society offered a presentation on late medieval life. The Ottoman Embassy offered an education on the more than 600 year history of the Ottoman empire.